About raintree


Raintree is a marketing & distribution enterprise, focused on promoting the exotic fresh produce of Arunachal Pradesh. Our value-added services involve sourcing, post harvest logistic operations, and marketing & distribution of organic and natural produce.

Inspired by Arunachal's natural bounty and driven by the passion of its growers, Raintree aims to become a significant contributer to the growth of horticulture in this region. Through our services, we make the region's indigenous produce available to mainstream markets of India and the rest of the World.


We see our role adding value to many people and parts of the Horticulture value chain. Raintree strives to deliver healthy opportunities for all partners that it associates itself with.

For our growers - Marketing Indigenous & Exotic Produce
Four our retailers and sellers - Adding value to the Market eco-system
For our customers - Happy Healthy Lifestyles
For the horticulture industry - The opportunity in partnerships


To enrich the lives of our consumers by providing them nutritionally enriching products at affordable prices, To provide impetus to growth of our horticulture and by adding value to the natural produce and its growers.


To become a sigficant contributor to the growth of horticulture in the region.

  • To facilitate the production and marketing of high-quality produce.
  • To set-up necessary infrastructure required to create world-class standards of production.
  • To aid the growth of horticultural co-operatives and encourage small growers.
  • To make indigenous produce available to mainstream markets & consumers