Our Role


We see our role adding value to many people and parts of the Horticulture value chain. Raintree strives to deliver healthy opportunities for all partners that it associates itself with.

For our growers - Marketing Indigenous & Exotic Produce

Raintree is on a mission to deliver Arunachal's indigenous produce to mainstream markets in India and the rest of the world. With its focus on high-value, high-quality produce, raintree aims to provide much needed recognition and gains to the region's growers.

Four our retailers and sellers - Adding value to the Market eco-system

The indispositions that India's Horticulture sector faces today are compounded when it comes to Arunachal, which has abundant natural resources lying under-utilized, due to lack of marketing networks. Raintree makes produce from Arunachal's finest farms available in prime quality, through the use of climate controlled supply chain processes and atmosphere modified packaging.

For our customers - Happy Healthy LifestyleS

Raintree's aim is to make exotic fruits an affordable commodity to all its end consumers. The otherwise niche exotic fruit market, a large portion of which is imported is patronized by few who can afford it. Making product more affordable on the retail shelves and the consumers breakfast table.

For the Horticulture industry - The opportunity in partnerships

Raintree believes in the power of partnerships where individual local challenges can be overcome through collaborative win-win relationships. In partnership with Horticulture agencies in the Govt. of India and other Industry experts, Raintree provides the Infrastructure support to growers, whilst building the Marketing & Distribution network to the region's farmers and co-operatives.