Our People







The people behind Raintree comprise of a team of value chain experts possesing many years of field knowledge. Insprired to overcome some of issues plaguing the food supply chain and driven by the passion to bring India's indigenous organic produce to the mainstream, the founders are focused on devising sourcing & distribution strategies to bring maximum benefit to the value chain.



Karmae Basar realized early on in her career that her calling in service to the retail supply chain was to tap into the potential available in her own backyard. Karmae, a Marketing & Merchandising post-graduate from NIFT Hyderabad worked for the first few years as a Buyer in a Retail organization, and returned home to Itanagar to work on her dream project - Raintree. Karmae combines her field knowledge of retail marketing and merchandising with love for indigenous farm produce.

Our team of field experts bring with them specialized knowledge about pre and post harvest operations, packaging and distribution.